Too many first offers being rejected...

The only way to guarantee that your first offer will be accepted is to offer full retail price for the property.

If your first offer is rejected you have a choice; resubmit a higher offer or walk away. If they make a counter-offer you have something to talk about.

It’s important that you develop thick skin and realize that rejection is an integral part of the process of buying real estate. If the seller is truly motivated to sell they’ll want to keep the conversation going because in large swaths of the country there isn’t exactly an army of motivated buyers beating down their door begging to buy their property.

Remember, seek out motivated sellers and don’t be afraid to walk away from a bad deal or an unmotivated seller. Both will drain your energy and waste your time.

Good luck!

As investors, why would we be offering full retail price or higher? This flies in the face of everything I have read over the past year.

Are you just making a point that rejections are inevitable?