Too expensive for a Lease Purchase Deal?

Here we go. Owners transferred to Vegas 6 months ago from SE Michigan. House was listed with a realtor for 434K which was the appraised value a year ago. Saw them yesterday and they told me they dropped the price to 399K, got a new realtor and offered a 7% comission to get rid of it. Can you say MOTIVATED? Looks like a possible 50K+ profit in this one. Is there anyone doing lease purchases working with a realtor paying them partial commission up front with a Tenant/Buyer’s option money and the rest at closing with a 12-18 month L/O. Wendy Patton works with realtors like this. I would like to partner up with someone to share the deal if they would like to mentor this one.


This all depends on the realtor… U want to make it clear to them what ur plans are, and see if they will work with you… if everything goes right, u won’t have a problem with what u have planned towards the payment to the realtor!!!

Good Luck!!