Too Early to Start?

Hi to all,

I am new to this forum, and I have a few simple questions that hopefully someone will be able to answer.

I am 21 years old, finishing my last year of college, and have done a hefty amount of research on real estate already.

Is this too young of an age to start investing? Even if I present myself in a professional manner, would banks or sellers take me seriously?

Thanks for all the help.


 I bought my first property the same summer I left high school! I had worked summers and after school doing construction for my dad for 5 years and was working and headed to college that fall. I convinced the property owner I was the right guy to make all the repairs and defered maintence on the seven unit property he had for sale. I wrapped that property for 3 years and sold it 2.5 years later.

There are college graduates at 21 who have good credit and entering great beginning level jobs, get in and do just one property, maybe something you could live in with a few college friends and sell next summer with a little light carpet, paint and repairs.

Believe it or not you became an adult at 18, have confidence and build on your responsible nature!

Just don’t do something over your head or beyond very reasonable financial ability.

Good luck,


i don’t think I can put it better myself. I tried but GR’s words were, well…word! :cool

Definitely not too young. Determine the type of investing you want to pursue, and tread carefully. There’s plenty of time to get rich. :wink:

Don’t let your age be an excuse. Once you actually get out there you will see that you are not the only one. You should consider your age a major benefit. I started at the age of 23 and I am so glad that I did. I am 28 now and most guys my age that I went to high school with, and guys that were in my company when I was in the Army, all they like to do is chase women and get drunk. Working for corporate America for the rest of their lives, mad at the world because they have to work paycheck to paycheck.

You have a good mind set right now and that is where it all starts. Keep it up and people will wonder how on earth is this guy this young with this much cash?

Hats off to you for considering a better route than your peers. :beer

Man, I am 20 and I don’t even doubt it is the right time to start working on this, the earlier I start the more time I will have to enjoy all the wealth I have and will. :] Same with you, your age is perfect.

All these responses are very reassuring. I definitely agree with all of you, I feel that the earlier I start, the better I’ll be at investing as I get older. I think after a lot of research, I’ll try to buy a 60-70k property this year.

on second thought I think maybe you should wait till you are 22

Welcome to the forum. I wouldn’t let age stop you. Younger people have done amazing things.