Tony Young on foreclosures

Thinking of purchasing Tony Youngs course on foreclosures and short sales. Has anyone taken his course and is it worth my time to purchase?

Good Afternoon,
I have not seen Tony Youngs information, but after taking several courses, I found the best thing I ever did was find a mentor. Most truly successful real estate investors are willing to work with someone who is willing to listen and work hard. I know there is a great deal of informaiton to purchase, and some of it is very good. Just sharing what ended up working best for me, and creating a 14 year investing career that has been a huge blessing.

Go Get’em!
Ray - Indiana

Hey Ray,

Thanks for the response. I am associated with a group of investors in the area! Most are buying thru ads or signs holding or rehabbing for exit strategy. You are right your investor friends are a weath of information! I’m trying to separate myself from the rest by looking into the distressed market.


I took Tony Young’s course and learned a lot. His approach is interesting and I think in this business you should never stop learning.

just did a google search on Tony Young + forclosures & it just comes back here ;D

anyone have a link to his info?
try this it should work!!



I attended Tony & Pete Young’s foreclosure seminar in Atlanta about 2 years ago. They were part of the Russ Whitney organization at that time.

Good depth of knowledge on how to do foreclosures. They take you step by step. Spent a 3 day weekend learning everything from these guys and they are very helpful, especially when it came to rehabbing. They did alot of rehabs themselves, saving money doing it themselves.

I liked how they taught the class and they have super knowledge in this field. One other thing I liked is that we spent one day with them out in the field to get a feel of the whole process.

Are you from Missouri? If so I was at an event that he spoke at and I talked to him after the meeting. He is teaching a lot of subject To in his course. I’m thinking about buying it myself.

Hiya Lachole:

Not sure if you was referring to the question about Missouri to me, but no, I’m in southern Mississippi. My husband and I had signed up for a bootcamp and ended up in Atlanta with the Youngs brothers, Pete and Tony. One of the things in their kit (on foreclosure) has a videotape that shows you from step to step on how to do a foreclosure. They even had “homeowners” (probably actors, just to show what to say to the homeowner) in different scenarios.

I just listened to his free teleseminar on the Learning Annex. He seems good and I like what he is offering, a DVD that actually shows him talking to homeowners!