Tony Collela's books

Does Tony’s books describe the process of setting up your own MHP? I have an older model MH on apprx. 4.5 acres, I am wondering if I bought this place how I would go about putting at least 7 more MH’s on the property? Any feedback would be appreciated

don’t mean to state the obvious
but zoning city county etc would be my 1st place to start…

after all that is ok find who will put in al the elec pedistals… sewer water phone lines & cable tv hook ups… get bids

then find a source of repo homes & a set up crew & transport people. (be really careful on the transport people)

maybe run a an ad to see what the response is - is there a good market in your area?

would you make more $$$ if you bought repos, split the property & L/O them?

just some thoughts

My wife has family who does transporting, so I am sure I could get a good deal there. The place has a deep well, depending on the size of the pump, I could run several houses off of that. I am assuming this anyway. I do know about the zoning questions and I will work on that. I guess I need to find a good septic installer, but they are not in short supply around here.

I do appreciate your comments, it has given me some things to think about. I would definetly do L/O on the MH’s and then sit back a collect lot rents. Thanks again.