Tom Kish of

Has anyone purchased Tom Kish’s RE material? If so, is there any “meat” to his teachings? There are so many RE systems out there that it’s getting confusing for newbies like me! If there are any recommendations out there, that would be greatly appreciated too. Thank you!!

I can’t say that I have bought his materials, although I did ask him how I could tell if he was credible–he’s only being doing this for about 2 years. He said it sounds like I needed some basic training in real estate investing, and referred me to his website.

That was his reponse. So my advice would be, tread carefully.


2 Years of experience and this guy is already an “expert”? Wow, he must be amazing! Or he just realized he could make more money selling “programs” than by Real Estate. He wins my GasBag of the Week award!

There’s an award?

Why doesn’t anyone tell me any of these things???

First the satellite dish thing, now this!