There is now the new phenomenon - tokenizing (and selling) of different assets, including real estate of course. I was wondering if anybody here already use (tokenize, invest) this technology in real life?

Haven’t heard of it! But I am definitely curious how coins will survive, and which will emerge, during the next couple months!

Haven’t used it but it looks like an interesting way to raise capital for projects. There’s alot of money out there in crypto holdings that might be a little easier to tap into.

Can you tell us more about it. I am guessing it is just chunking down an assets ownership into small parts (the tokens) and allowing these people to buy the small chunks. Am I on the right track?

I’m curious. Is this something related to BlockChain and cryptocurrency?

This is what I found on the web:
Tokenization is the method of converting rights to an asset into a digital token that can be transferred and even traded. Given the example from above, we could tokenize the real estate property into some number of tokens and sell the needed number of tokens to get us the needed cash.