Todd Dotson Tactical Mentoring Program

Hi, I’ve tried to search, but unable, I’m sorry if this has been covered previously.

I’m midlife and changing careers, got my RE license, but interested in RE investing. I went to a Ron Legrand seminar and heard Dotson speak, was very impressed. He’s local to ME here in Arlington TX.

Any links or comments about his program?

I’m a RE newbie and want to know if I invest $9,000 into his system it won’t be a waste.


I went to and typed in: “Todd Dotson” real estate

came up with a broken link at top but adding the www. to the front gave me

as well as a few other websites.

I’ve never seen him before so I hope the little I gave helps.

Thanks for the reply.

I did the same… Not a lot of info. out there about him. I found records of some old negative stuff (couple unrelated lawsuits) but nothing really much about his mentoring program that was negative.

$9000? Really? There are lots of ways to learn rei and not spend that kind of money. Does he wipe your butt, too? Get all the free stuff that is availible, use the forums to clear up questions and use that $9000 for an investment property. $9000! Geez!

$9000!?!?! For that money, I would invest in some courses that can be had right here on (and you could buy several different courses and not even TOUCH $9k) and then use the diffenece for marketing when you choose to invest.

Just my two cents worth though. :slight_smile:

Happy Investing,


Send me the $9000 and we can invest in a property here. Our market is booming!

yea, his mentoring is $9k. bootcamps are $3k, money back guarantee.

I actually dont mind investing in education, i just want to make sure I get what i pay for.

I can’t seem to find a local mentor any other way… i mean, who wants to train a future competitor?

Have you attended any local REI club/group meeting? There should be lots of folks willing to help out there.

Happy Investing,

Thanks Ryan, is there a website directory or link where I can find such clubs? Forgive me if there’s a link here somewhere I’m overlooking…

I’d be very interested in joining a group or doing anything to find a good mentor, even paying if necessary.


I suggest you hold onto your 9k and do some self studying, also keep that revenue to put into a savings or checking account to have reserve revenue for loans.

#1 rule use the banks money and keep yours for reseve.

advise doesnt cost a thing ;D


To the left, under “INVESTOR RESOURCES” is “Real Estate Clubs”. That will help you find what you need to know.

Thanks, there’s a lot of groups in my area!!