Todays Experience with a Door Knock

Today I did my first 2 door knocks!

1st - Homeowner not there.
2nd - Homeowner answered the door.
I introduced myself and told her I am here to see if I could assist her with her mortgage.

Man, did she lie between her teeth or what.

I told her that I saw in the paper that she is defaulting (I said it in a nicer way) and wanted to know if I could help her.

She said “Huh, what are you talking about, my mortgage is okay”

Me “Well it was published in this paper (showed her the Notice of Default), and I call the debt collector today, and they advised me that the loan is in default”

All of a sudden I refreshed her memory, and she was upset at this point that I called her bad “poker” face.

Her 'Well I just got from vacation and these mortgage companies act all crazy when you have paid for 2 months. I just go off the phone with them this and everything is ok, I am all caught up"

Did a little chit chat about the housing market, and then I was done.

Me "Okay we’ll here is my Business Card, call me if things dont work out’

So I go back to my car, and call the debt collector, he told me that the auction is still set and she hasnt paid a dime.

Now, I am going to send her follow-up letters if I continue to see her notice of defaults in the paper.

The reason I wrote this is because I read this article
and SCRIPT 2 is just like my senerio, where the homeowner tried to act as if she didnt know what I was talking about.

My tips:
Have the notice of default with you.
Dont leave without providing the homeowner with a way of contacting you.
If the homeowner seems upset that the mortgage company/debt collector published their name and address in the paper (most homeowners dont know it gets published), say something like “Yes, these mortgage companies and debt collectors over extend themselves to much” This will put you on the homeowner side.

Thats my story, now I’m off to 2 more pre-foreclosures.

Wow … I’m surprised she didn’t just tell you to get lost. Really, who are you to walk up to her door and tell her she’s behind on her mortgage and that you called her debt collector? Do you really think that women will keep your card? You basically told her she was lying, embarrassed her for sure, and made her angry and uncomfortable. Nice …

I’m glad there are people like you knocking on doors so when I get to talk the the homeowner, I’ll be a breath of fresh air and get the sale. :wink:

It was sort of like that.

I told her that I spoke with the debt collector, earlier and showed her the TRUSTEE ARTICLE that was published in the paper. I wasnt mean about it, I just wanted to show her incase she didnt know. (or refresh her memory). But I’ll be back at her house next week if the mortgage is still in default. The conversation will go a little different. I am going to be more soft spoken and let her know the drawbacks of allowing her home to go into foreclosure, and see if I can go from there.

I bet you she kept my card, she wasnt upset by the time I left her front door. After we started chit chatting about the real estate market (she said she used to be a mortgage broker), she opened up and said she was a few months behind but everything was all caught up. I cant call someone a lier if there not telling the truth, know what I mean.

Oh okay … the way it was written sounded a lot harsher. I think she’ll probably talk to you again if you got to talking more. Good Luck! Let us know if you get the deal. :slight_smile:

I heard recently a fresh approach, maybe for people with kids, is to just take your kid and pu rse, no paperwork, or hidden in purse or pocket, and knock on door. When they see the kids, they open up the door and you say that you are “looking for a house in the neighborhood, and you want to know if they know anyone who is selling”
I guess it makes them take the guard down and they may confess they want to sell. If they say no, you don’t have any friction at the door and you can both part ways with dignity.
Also, if the homeowner lets you in- walk around, and then write up an intent to purchase on a legal pad (sounds strange I know) or a contract you have in the purse. (at least it shows you have something in case you find a deal), and then work out a price and then assign it.
You can say you like the house but it isin’t exactly what you are looking for but you have a few others that would like it…that type of thing.
i havent tried it but I have 2 kids and am tossing around the idea…I told the kids of they come oout with me and mommy gets a deal, I will give them $100…if no success, maybe a happy meal! : ;D

Sounds like an idea - but be careful whose house you walk into by yourself as a woman and also with your kids. I also don’t know if I’d want the distraction of my kids while doing business. :wink: It also sounds a little like a ruse to me. I know that I will be bringing another adult with me when I go to homes. You just never know what you will get yourself into with people in dire straights. Just be careful out there. :slight_smile:

Good advice. I wouldn’t be going into the ghetto with the kids, but I would pick the right neighborhoods, etc. I was thinking maybe a girlfriend to tag along with you. Then mabey if she sees you make a deal she will become a door knocker for you. Good recruiting tool…
I bet it would be good for the high end neighborhoods. I have been in a few houses that have given me the creeps before, and I NEVER go into basements unless I want to end up down there for good!

and I NEVER go into basements unless I want to end up down there for good!

lol good advice :slight_smile:

why don’t you just follow your default leads with a nice letter that way you don’t piss them off face to face a letter might come over alot easier

ft worth tx

I just don’t know about the whole knocking on doors idea. I figure that if you knock on lets say 30 doors…you might get say 1 or 2 leads which may or may not make it to contract. On the flip side…out of those same 30 door knocks…you may or may not get mugged by the owner on all 30. I just don’t like the odds. I think a personalized letter w/ a business card and possibly a follow up phone call would work better. Save yourself from the bodily harm…!!

Its whatever floats your boat and you feel comfortable with.

Investors tend to have better conversion rates with a door knock than a letter.

Hi I am Mike from Orlando FL.

Hey cherdwelth can you tell us newbies here how you aprouch the owners in this situations.

Mike Orlando FL

Hi - I personally don’t knock on doors. But like Blueboxer said, if it works for you do it.

We do a direct mail campaign.

I have try the mail campain but no responses. I don’t have the money to pay for a firm to handle my mail yet.


Hi - We don’t either. We purchase postcards and mail them to specific people in foreclosure. You can also do letters which is very inexpensive. You would need the 39 cents per mailer though.

As for door knocking, you probably should target your houses because with gas at $3.00 per gallon - it could be more than direct mailings.

Are you going to walk a neighborhood or target pre-foreclosed houses? You could also walk the neighborhood and deliver flyers you’ve made up - killing two birds.

Or pick out an area you want to target and farm - concentrating your efforts in one area. We’re targeting our whole city through mailings. I agree with you that the response isn’t the best. Any direct mail response no matter the subject is only 1 - 2 % of the total mailing. So out of 1000 you mail you might get 10 people to call - then you need to get those 10 people to sell to you. If it were that easy, we’d all be millionaires!

You might want to try just being honest. If there is a lie involved, the deal is sure to fail. Homeowners are already on the defense as it is. My advice to you is to treat them how you would want to be treated. RESPECTED! Your approach would absolutely turn me off. Ask them what you can do to help, let them answer you. They will probly say as you have already experienced " I’ve already taken care of it."
It helps to repeat what they say a few times, like three times to sound familiar with them. You could say " You took care of it? Great! What have you done so far?"
They may say" We hired an attorney."
You would then say, “You hired an attorney? Smart move.”
“What did the attorney say they were going to do?”

By doing this, you not only sound familiar and friendly, but you also affirmed them by agreeing with them for thier decision. " Smart Move"
I just think you need to take a friendlier approach and stay honest. Are you truely trying to help them. They will feel if you are or not.

I wouldnt take my kids with me, too distracting. I also agree that its kind of shady. Come on, who goes house shopping with their kids, and has a purchase agreement in their pocket?

I doubt you will have many problems knocking on peoples door. Seriously, if you are tactful, what are they going to do on their own property? I saw some guidelines for local realtors on the MLS. Before knocking on the door, call someone and tell them to call you in, oh 10 minutes. tell them the file they are looking for is in the green folder (everythings OK) or its in the red folder (HELP).

2 people is safer but much more intimidating to the owner. Nobody wants to deal with one salesperson let alone 2.

As much as I hear people are successful with door knocking, I tried it on about 30 doors with no success. I would leave a note on the door after knocking and go around the block, and sure enough, the note would be gone—they were hiding in the house. They are getting bombarded with process servers, bill collectors, and they get good at hiding.
The ones who answered the door were lying or said they “took care of it”. None of them seemed interested in selling or talking for that matter…
It seems like the thing to do, but getting yourself to do it after 3 weeks and about 30-50 doors with no success, and the price of gas, I would rather send a good letter and pray for a call I guess.
Unless the house is in your backyard. …
I agree with the kids or if you are a woman its dangerous, but then again, how many people would let 2 men in their house if they are home alone???

I agree! I would absolutely NOT let two men into my house if I were home alone.
As far as the door knocking thing, I actually just got back from leaving some notes on doors! Like you said, you drive around the block and they are GONE!

Seems to work for me also!
Talk to y’all later!

I was a realtor in the Chicago area for more than 12 years. I door-knocked regularly during good weather in a prospecting “farm” area. I’m female, 5 feet tall. I never had any problems with owners – almost with a doberman, though! You kind of get back the attitude you give out. – friendly gets friendly.