To those who have read Steve Cook's Wholesaling for Quick Cash

I was just wondering if I could get some feedback on this product. I have already ordered it and I’m just waiting for it to arrive. Did it help you?

It’s a good solid wholesaling course that covers the basics. My only main problem with it is that he recommends only looking at properties listed on the MLS, and because of that he doesn’t go into marketing much at all.

I’m thinking of getting Scott Rister’s wholesaling course since he marked the price down recently.

i listened to the free audio byvena jones-cox today and i’d like to order her course…it’s just a little out of my price range right now.

Steve Cook’s Wholesaling course was the first course I bought. It covers most of what you need to wholesale. Like a lot of other courses, though, I’d say almost all of the information can be gotten on the web for free. He just prioritizes and categorizes things in a one-stop, soup-to-nuts course. I bought it when I was just starting out, but decided later to skip wholesaling and go right into HUD foreclosures and Sub2’s. A good portion of the course still pertains to other facets of REI, though, such as RE agents, attornies, HMLs/PMLs, loan brokers, etc., which I had already learned elsewhere reading free articles. I also got it in a package deal with his Rehabbing course, which I found was word-for-word the same as the Wholesaling course with some added chapters pertaining to rehabbing only.

I give Steve Cook a big thumbs-up in that he is one of only a few RE gurus I know who actively engage in dialog on his web site to student’s and non-students alike for free.

sounds like a may have wasted 200 on something i could have gotten for free.

sounds like a may have wasted 200 on something i could have gotten for free.

It depends. If you know very little to nothing, it’s a very good book to help you understand REI in general and wholesaling (and rehabbing) specifically. I didn’t mean to say it’s not worth the money. Just looking back on it now, I can see where most of the information can be had for free in web articles, and message boards like this. You just have to really read, comprehend, and use the knowledge.

I have read alot about rehabbing and a little about wholesaling. I think I’ll benefit from having all the info there together and organized. One thing I know for sure is that it’s not going to hurt me to read it.