To those looking private money in todays economy


This is addressed only to those who are looking for private money. Since the fall of 2008, overall what success are you having with raising private money.

I define private money as money being used from individuals. This isn’t money that is bundled from several different sources where a broker is used. This is money from people who are doctors, lawyers, people retiring.

The reason I am asking this question is because before I start any marketing program to raise private money I’d like to get an idea if people are looking for a safer investment ( not stocks or bonds for instance ) or they are looking for a better return on their investment ( instead of say certificates of deposit ).

Thanks for your thoughts!


Have you read hassansr’s thread about “I’m going to buy a house this month, here’s how”? He’s been exploring the private money angle for awhile now. Even though he didn’t meet his goal of buying a house in one month, his thread gives explicit detail and good insight into how difficult it can be to secure private money.

Thanks Jstin0419 !