To purchase a new water heater or rent one when you intend to flip?

I need to either purchase a new water heater or put one on rental ($30/month). I plan to flip this house in 6 months…If I put one on rental would that impact a sale?
Your feedback is appreciated…

Howdy Mandyland:

Never heard of renting a water heater especially for $30 per month. Home Depot and Lowes sell them for less than $200. Not that hard to install yourself or hire a handyman for $100. No way would I ever rent a water heater or buy a house with one. I would have the seller replace it or buy it outright which I am sure would cost $500 plus from the rental company. I will loan you the $300 until you sell if you are that hard up to even consider renting.

If I bought a house and found out the previous owner was renting the water heater, I would be royally pi$$ed!

I guess it never ceases to amaze me how some folks will cut corners to “save” a dollar! I would much rather someone buy the cheapest, smallest water heater they could find to install rather than have Home Depot show up and say “we’re here to get the water heater that wasn’t paid for…”!


I learned something new on this Monday AM ;D

Never heard of renting a hot water.

I would skip the antics and just buck-up and buy a new one. That way your buyer does not hassle you during the sale.

by far the most entertianing post i’ve read. I have a couple used ones in my dad’s garage, maybe i can start renting them out. And for you Mandy, $25 a month. Try lookin inthe paper for a used one or call a few plumbing companies, often they sell the used ones in bulk to get refurbished or recycle them. worked as a assist. plumber one summer. :grinyes:

Do they repo your water heater when you miss payments?

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I also have never heard of someone who rents out permament fixtures such as water heaters, softeners, ac units or furnaces. There are companies that will rent appliances such as washer and dryers, stoves and such. But usually the cost of renting such items is a lost expense that you would not be able to recoup in the sale of the house.

If its a short term flip try sears or home depot. They usually offer interest free financing for 6 months on purchase over $300.

In Canada, it is quite commen to purchase a home that has a rental water heater…From your responses- must be something completely absurb! I appreciate your candid responses, however…

Wow. Is the Canadian dollar and economy getting that bad tbhat water heaters are rented. You are talkikng about buying real estate and renting water heaters? I’ve got to believe that this posting was a joke.

A $200 item renting for $30/mth?? Is the kitchen sink also rented??

I think renting water heaters must be more popular by region since so few have heard about it. Some places with hard water it is recommended. They wear out faster and you don’t have to worry about paying for repairs or replacement.

Around here (CT) it is 16/month for a 40 gal. Yours sounds steep.

I can see the advantage where out of pocket is reduced a little. Just disclose it when you go to sell.

Shouldn’t be your biggest worry.


What will they think of next…Toilets? That way if you do not pay they can say that you truly do not have a pot to pizz in? ;D

There is a place here in Wichita Falls, Tx that rents tires. I guess you find your car sitting on blocks if you miss a payment.

:biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh:
Thanks for the best belly laugh ever!!! You could look around for one of those old timey stoves that has a water heater built in but if I’m not mistaken, they burn wood!