TLC Brokers?

After reading a Robert Kiyosaki book where he indicated that he always invests his excess money in tax lien certificates that gain him a minimum of 16% interest it got me wondering.

I understand the basic premise behind tax lien certificates and was under the impression that you either turn a bid on property you’re interested in to your Commisioner of State Lands, or you attend a tax sale auction and make your bid there.

There’s a list of all the upcoming tax lien properties in my state, Arkansas, on the internet that can be easily accessed. I’d imagine most other states would have a similar set up. And from what I see, you’ll most likely be paying an average of $3k to 5k to get yourself a tax lien certificate on a certain piece of property.

I’m getting to my point. Finding, researching, and bidding on a couple of certificates at a once a year auction wouldn’t be a big hardship on someone that only has $10,000 to invest. But for someone that has millions of dollars of excess money to invest, you’d literally have to spend most of the year, every year, buying and keeping up with thousands of tax lien certificates.

which made me wonder: are there such things as Tax Lien Certificate Brokers where someone with money to invest can go to invest in tax liens without having to go to so much trouble finding profitable TLC’s by themselves?