Tittle companies

I am reay to start wholesaling in south florida but I am stuck on one point. I heard Sharon Restrepo speak and she mentioned that an assignor (me) should control which title company is used for closing. How do I choose a title company? Any suggestions on what I should look for?

Thank you for any help

Look for a title company that is flexible in what they will allow you to do (assignment, back to back closings) also look for one that has decent flexibility in their schedules. Many title companies need to have closing scheduled up to 2 weeks out, while others can be scheduled just days before. If you are doing a decent amount of volume also try to get them too waive your closing fees. I get all of my closing fees waived which saves me about $175 per deal.

You may also want to note that the assignor does not always get to choose the title company. Many times the seller will decide on where to close which leaves the assignor and the assignee out of the decision. If you would like to close at a different place you can also do a split closing. I do these if someone is insistant at closing at their own title company. They close where they want, I close where I want, and everybodies happy.

Eric Medemar

thank you that laat bit was very very helpful :wink: