title search

I’ve seen a couple of postings mention going directly to the “search” company for a title search rather than a title company. What’s the difference, if any and how do you find a “search” company? We just had a title search done on a foreclosure property by a title company and they charged $195. If there’s a cheaper way to do it, that would be great to know. Thanks!

The Title Company here will do a uncertified search for 150. It’s just to let you know what your up against but they won’t swear to it.
The only cheaper way that I know of is to do it yourself. That involves searching online databases such as your counties court record website. Some are good and some aren’t. It’s a bit of a risk doing it this way because there maybe something that you will miss.
Another thing to consider is that it covers leins and encumbrences that were filed in your county only.