title search

In my state we don’t have possibility to do title search online.
If I want to buy a foreclosure and do a title search, it cost about 200$. What would you do? Would you work out a special deal with the Title company owner and see may be he/she can give a discount? (Even if it becomes 100$, it is still expensive… :()

What state are you in? I might be able to suggest a site or two?

in Idaho.
Reoconsultant, thanks a lot! You are as usually helping me :slight_smile:

I will check into it! Give me a day! what counties?

call your title company and ask about a ownership and encumberance!


In Texas, title companies will do a preliminary title search prior to closing on a property. They don’t actually get paid until closing, so it is “in effect” free. Just make sure that you use them for your other business or they will get upset because no one likes to work for free.