Title Search Training Resources?

Anyone have any recommendations of books, trainings, websites or methods to do my own title searches?

I plan to go to the county clerk’s office and find professional title abstract researchers and pay them for some pointers, but I want to be skilled enough to do my own and not miss important issues in the search.

Comments and advice appreciated. . … Thanks

Brian Wittenmeyer (spelling may be off) sells a book called Secrets of a Real Estate Technician that provides some great training for title searches in general. Run a search for it, about $40 or so, well worth it.

John Hyre

Personally, I’d recommend Google for the search, :bigthumbup:

or just bypass that step and go here…


Hyre, when’s the next trip south? :beer:

John & Tim,

You guys are fast! Thanks. Just ordered.

Checked out an earlier book by Brian Wittenmyer on Amazon.com and it received two strong reviews. I believe that knowledge is one form of positive power, if used wisely and respectfully.


Hey Tim,

I will be in Dallas 9/10 - 9/12. I plan on a week between San Antonio & Houston (Austin?) in later September or early October - date’s not firm yet. I’ll let you know as soon as schedule becomes clearer.



So far this is the best website for pulling your own title searches, if the county your looking for is online, its linked there and many of the documents on record are viewable.