Title Search on Every Property?

I know when I have the contract signed by all parties I send it to my Title Co. or Attorney for the Title search, but I wanted to know if this is done for every property. I know it sounds like a dumb questions, but if I pay to have this done and it turns out there are leans against the property wouldn’t that get expensive?

Is there another way to check title prior to closing?

Any advice is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Title search is done on every property that goes through a formal escrow by a professional title, escrow or attorney closing company!

Title Insurance!!!


I have found that some municipalities have their public records online. I have done searches on properties to see if there are mortgages or any other encumbrances. If that information is not online and you are near the city/town hall, you can visit the clerks office and find out for yourself. This would be good to do before an offer on the property but is no substitute for title insurance.