title search for sheriffs sale please help

Hi guys ive been researching my first deal.The only thing im confused about is any liens on the property. I cant afford a title search for every property that im looking into is there a way to do it on my own. The office i went to said im responsible for any and all priors and said to check taxes and water/sewer.even if she owes that thats a minor lien in my book im just concerned about maybe child support or something big she may owe.ANY help id appreciate the sale is thursday thanks Mike

Hi Mike:

Where is the proerty located, what city? You can normally go to the hall records and look it up in the computer to see any other liens on the property. However, I don’t know where you are purchasing from. If it is in Essex County, you can go to the Hall of Records In Newark and look up property detail in the computers.

Let me know. :slight_smile:

The property is is south jersey . I just went to the county clerk and got some info on the house . I beleive this is a second mortgage that is foreclosing. so im not sure if i should just move on or take a chance . Something else that i found out is that in the plaintiff files bankrupcy within the 10 day redemption period my money gets held up until its over

That’s true. Sheriff sale properties are risky. You should try to catch them in pre-foreclosure.

I would pass on that one because of the second lien.

Is this your first time with a Sheriff’s sale. I would suggest that you just attend the Sherrif sale…just observe and learn. It’s going to be very quick especially if there’s not much property that going to be sold.

Don’t worry if you dont get this one. There’s always more deals out there. What you want is to learn more.

This wasnt my first time at a sheriffs sale .I realize how it works and the procedure but I dont understand the pitfalls and all the legal things that can happen.Im very happy that I found this forum and am able to read and learn off of you guys.I just dont know where to start. The pre foreclosures I assume are availiable to anyone, so you have the lawyers getting calls everyday from people who want the property and the homeowners have people contacting them trying to work out a deal… this is where im lost :-\ Mike