Title Search Before Bidding?

Wondering what you guys do before bidding for a foreclosure on the courthouse steps. Do you actually get a title search done so you know its clean before bidding? Can’t that get expensive?

What other homework would you do on a property?



take a course

I took this from a post I did.
It might help you do a search your self.

Here is how I do it in Indiana.
If I can I first go to the county Treasurers office and see who is paying the taxes and if any taxes are unpaid.

Then I go to the Recorders office and look to see what lien’s are on the property. And look to see who’s name the deed is in. Also look to see what type of deed it is.
If it is a Quit Claim Deed. Go back to a Warranty Deed.
Then go to the Clerks and look up the names to see if there is a divorce or have been sued.
Just pick out some address and go practice.
When you get title insurance they go back 30 years.
Sometimes that is easy, sometimes that’s a big pain.
Once you get the hang of it, you can go check on 3 or 4 properties fairly quick.
Plus look to see if you can get the info on line
I cannot.
That should tell you if their are any red flags.
I go to the county court house every morning to look at the preforeclosure paperwork, before it goes to court that day.
So if I need to look up a property

I hope this helps

Thanks for the response, Bruce. That was much more helpful than the previous post. Sheesh! What a huge…nevermind. :-X

Keep reading this forum. Join your local club.
You will be glad you did.

I read on a post were someone said. Read, read till your eyes bleed, take a break and read some more !!!

Good advice

Best wishes


Do you know of any courses that are good?


Hiya Mike:

One suggestion is you can go look at the property before the sale. If it’s vacant, find out where the owner is or talk to the neighbors (neighbors LOVE to talk)

Then you can go online to your tax assessor’s office and look up everything on the property. I’ve never bid at the courthouse before though.

Hope this helps

Good Advice. I took a look at some properties yesterday, but was afraid to set foot on a couple of the properties since they had long driveways. I felt like an intruder and was nervous about who may have been there. :-[

see what information you can get online…I went to court house and walked up to the first lady that smiled at me…she actually sat me down and showed me how to obtain information online…she showed me how to bypass passwords and everything… also find someone at the title company as a contact. The title company I use is very helpful in every area…Checking on outstanding HOA fees, road assesments so much $$$$$$ for clear title but worth it…:slight_smile:

I took a class which helped but they seem to only give you a limited amount of information …the more you educate yourself and the more you do it…wisdom comes with experience. Your not alone.

Thanks for the replies. I figured out how to use the county website to look up the owner and see all documents with their name, which includes loans, liens, lien releases, etc.

Actually, reading some Bob Bruss stuff, he sais that all junior loans and liens are wiped out at the foreclosure sale. Can anyone confirm that? And if so are the encumbrances that I should be looking for in the records?