Title Search Abstration Course/School

Does anyone know of a good school/class that teaches the ins and outs of title searching? I am looking at foreclosed properties, but i hate to spend $$$ for each potential investment, many of which I end up passing on. I’ve done some Google searching and found this company:


anyone used them or have other suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Most county records departments have free online search tools that you can use to do recorded document & back tax searches based on the property address and/or an individuals name (instead of spending the $100 to $200/search with a title company). I use them all the time to do preliminary investigations on properties. When it comes to actually buying the property, I would not try to circumvent the Title company’s search though - there could be some liability issues with you and your bank.

Yeah, the county i live in has a wonderful online system that shows the property taxes (current, & past due) with interest and stuff. The main reason I wanted to know how to do the title searching was for the preliminary search. If it has any other leins, etc… and rule those out. I would still pay for a title search for any properties that I would actually bid on.

I have the same issue. If you find anything, please post. Thanks.

Ward Hanigan at foreclosureforum.com teaches a 3 day class that includes title searches. Highly recommended.