Title Question

Do you have to go through a title Company to make sure a Title is clear? I went to the courthouse and can do title searches their but they “cannot guantee” any of the information?

I would suggest going through a title company especially if you are serious about buying the property. Also the title company will be able to tell you if there are any special conditions on the property. Sometimes the owner may put special conditons on the use of the property. The title company will know this information.


That is why the title company earns the big bucks, they guarantee the search. If there is a problem, divorce issues, death problems, judgments. you name it the will defend the suit and or pay the bills. It is like any other insurance, it hurts ti pay the premium but when you need it you are glad you did afford it. If you get new loans you will need to buy a policy for the lien holder and it is only a little more to get the owners policy as well. There may be a few occasions where the policy is not necessary like a sub2 deal with 0 or little down. Here your risk is low and there is no new lender.