title process for sub2 deals

How do we go about handling transfer of title for a sub2 deal? Is a kitchen-table deed transfer enough, or do we need to involve a title company? I know a title search is a good idea and I will be making calls to title companies around here, but that’s not enough information for me. What terms should I use when describing what I need when I talk to the title company? What DO I need from them? Thanks, anyone.

Howdy Shanartisan:

You do not need any fancy terms. All you need to know is who owns the house and what do they owe against it. Schedule C of the title commitment will have a list of liens, deeds of trusts recorded, judgments against the seller or folks with similar names. You need to know marital status of the seller. When in doubt get the wife to sign the deed as well. A kitchen table will work if you bring a notary. I have closed many at the local HEB grocery store before they quit having a notary. Your local bank can help. I have a friendly title agent that will help me close deals like that but they do not like to close without getting the insurance fees etc. You may want to have an attorney help you with the first few to make sure you get it right.