Title insurance include survey? - Does title insurance include a survey?

If it doesn’t, then what happens if I buy a house Sub.2, and when I go to sell it, the buyer gets one and finds out that there is an easement (or whatever)?

How do you prevent such exposure?

  • Adam.

No, title insurance does not include a survey and I believe the standard verbiage on the exceptions page references survey issues specifically. Typically, that is a lender requirement. If you’re buying Sub2, then you’re effectively bypassing that lender requirement.

Normally, I’m able to obtain an existing survey from the seller’s original purchase folder. If you’re not able to do that and you’re concerned about potential issues on resale, it might be worth it to spend the $350 to get one.

Transactions are closed daily with survey easements and issues and it’s my understanding that there are easements on almost every single property. I believe it’s rare that a survey issue actually prevents a loan from being funded. I had a fourplex that had easements all over the place. I think part of one of the easements actually ran through part of the structure. It wasn’t a problem.

Hope that helps…