Title company.

How do I find and what do I say to A title company when I’m ready to close on the deal. I’m in Chicago,IL. Where do I find Assignment friendly title companies.

What do you want them to do for you?

I would recommend you go to a meeting of the local RE Club and see who others are using.

There are several RE Investors from the Chicago area on here…perhaps one will pipe up and assist also.


there are a lot of title companies that can help you. just google title companies in your area and ask them if they handle assignment of contracts. you will find one who are investor/wholesaler friendly.

Agree with others. Easiest is to call several. Ask about assignments and sub 2 deals - if they know what you are talking about, you’ve probably found one that will work.

All the comments on this post are great, and I agree with them. You esp. want to find a company who will also do “Courtesy Closings”.

Do you have any of the following title companies around you? :

  • Great American Title
  • Security Title
  • American Title
  • Chicago Title
  • Old School Title Company
  • Stewart Title

I know there are others, but these will work for now. Old School Title can do all 50 states. I hope this helps you.

These all help me.I’m just starting out and about to put my first property under contract, hope to make $8,000 assignment fee. thank you all very much.

I recommend you do this as well. Randomly calling title companies from a phone directory may work but remember we’re not doing “normal” transactions. Most title companies don’t specialize in creative real estate transactions. And guess what, all title companies want new business so when you call them most will say, “sure we can do that” just to get a chance to score new business…then later on you realize they don’t have a clue about what we do.

I can’t think of a better way to find one than to ask investors who are doing creative real estate deals where you live who do they use. These people go to REIA meetings and will be glad to give you a referral.