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I was just wondering do I need a title company to wholesale a property, or is it just better to have a title company? What is the purppose of having a title company? Just curious and just trying to understand.

To make sure the title is clear and title insurance. Herbster

So do I need a title company to wholesale a property or can I wholesale without a title company?

You need a title company.

If you are wholesaling, it’s best to find a title company that is investor-friendly. I suggest asking some of the active investors/wholesalers in your area who they use.

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So, First I have to get a property under contract and then take the title to a title company to see if the title is clear and then do I find a end buyer. I think im totally wrong if so can someone clear it up for me.

Put the property under contract, find a buyer and assign it to them, then take the contract and the assignment agreement to your title company to begin the title work.

That’s how I do it.

Some people say to give the the contract to the title company immediately so they can start the title work, but I like to have my end buyer lined up before I give everything to them. They can usually get everything done in a day or two, so I don’t mind waiting.

If it’s a truly great deal, the rest will fall into place. I would focus your energies on finding the deal, as that is the hard part of the wholesaling equation.

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