Title Company

Hi guys and gals im a newbie from Houston and i plan on starting out in the wholesaling game and i was wondering are there any investor/wholesale friendly title companies here in Houston?

best way to find them is through your local REI Club. They will have vendor members who will most likely be investor friendly.

Yo may want to attend Road2Success’ monthly meetings, they are free and done after the RICH club meeting if not mistaken. They are group of experienced investors and they will help you in houston.

Check to see if you guys have LandAmerica Lawyers title, they are investor friendly. If you find one, schedule an appointment with them to go over some questions, and you can then ask them the questions you like answered.

thanks fadi! i think im going to join the RICH club. I plan to wholesale here in Houston so maybe the RICH club can be a good place to build my network. I was actually going to do subject 2’s taking over pre-mortgage foreclosures paying the arrearages and monthly mortgage and put the house back up for sale after repairs but i prefer the wholesale idea better.

Thanks Fadi. I just posted, wanting a investor friendly title company in NY. :biggrin I’ll check it out.