Title Company Refusing to Insure Short Sale

Have you ever run into a situation where the title company has refused to provide title insurance on a short sale deal? The company that’s doing my short sale mentioned that the title company they’re using is insisting that the seller seek legal counsel as a condition of granting title insurance :banghead. The seller really doesn’t care and just wants to get out (she’s reiterated this a couple times). I’ve asked the rep at the company that’s doing my short sale to see about finding another title company (We’ll see, but I think this is the last time I’ll use this particular company to do my short sales).


We havn’t had that happen, so far anyway. If they’ve already done the search maybe the Seller can go to a community legal place just to appease the title co. Her in Philly, community legal is a free service. I’d hate for you to have to start all over with another company. That’s just my opinion. Hope this helps.