Title companies

I live in a small town and was wondering if my local title company HAS to accept my wholesale contract if it is a legal document. Ive read in other forums and websites that not all title companies know how to do or understand these types of deals. If my local company refuses to work with me can I use other title companies from other counties to complete my deals in my local county? Very confused about the title company process. Ive never dealt with a title company in any form or fashion. Could someone elaborate on this subject for a minute? Thanks

I have used 4 differant Title Companies to do my Wholesale deals.
None of them had any problem with my assignment of contracts or my simple 2 page
purchase and sales agreements.
Maybe your creating a problem when there isnt one.
Get out there and do some deals and dont sweat the details.

Thanks for replying

Title companies insure titleā€¦not contracts for purchasing.

They are, or should only be, interested in what is in the chain of title.

How you chose to purchase and sell should be of no interest to them.