Title companies that do double closings/assignments in Metro Detroit

Hello. I am new to wholesaling. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of title companies in the Metro Detroit area that did double closings and/or contract assignments.

Satyajit(Sat) Dixit
CEO/Owner Xcel Holdings, Inc

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Hi Sat,

I use Chirco Title Agency. They are located in St. Clair Shores, but they’ll travel anywhere. I’ve bought and sold over 175 houses in Metro Detroit since 2003 and have used Chirco on some creative transactions on quite a few of my deals.

Make sure to check out your local REIA groups also. There’s usually an “investor friendly” title company there.

Make It Happen,

Dylan Tanaka

Thank you Dylan. I am trying to do my first wholesale deal and am looking to get my team lined up before I do it.

I recommended Erika Weichel, very investor friendly

Continental Title Agency
2050 Livernois Ste C
Troy, MI 48083