Title companies and Lender Seasoning

It is getting very hard for me in Dallas/Ft. Worth to find a title company that understands how or wants to underwrite the title work required by the Lender for a consecutive (double) closing.

Obviously - I am always on the hunt for Lenders who will still take title work with original owner (seller) in vesting on schedule A with an addendum to the new owner (second side closing) on schedule C. I have one subprime Lender that will do it - but need more in my arsenal than that.

If anyone has ideas on the Title (which is especially killing me!) or Lenders that would be a great help! I have 9 deals that aren’t deals without Title Work…my investor stands to lose a lot of income and has quite a bit of exposure out there right now - so I’m looking for suggestions and/or solutions! Thanks!

Have you tried some of the larger title companies like Nation’s Title

The following title company specializes in simultaneous closings. I personally have not had the opportunity using them, however I’m sure I will be using them in the near future. You’ll need to check to see if there is one in your area. Here is the link, http://www.steltmentitle.com

Call a few Title Companies and ask them if they do them. And if not could they guide you to someone who does.
You should be able to find one out there.