title agent question

im currently looking for a title agent to do a double closing , does anybody know how long a title search should really take, and how much a search will cost?..and one last question can you wholesale a property if its bank owned?

the chances of a bank agreeing to a contract with a buyer’s nominee clause in there is highly unlikely, unless you’ve got a reputation with the banker as someone who’s highly professional.

say the average closing period is 45 to 60 days - a title search usually can get done within that time frame. so figure anywhere from 1 day to 60 days… :biggrin hope that pretty much narrows it down for you. i don’t work in the title business.

if you want to figure out costs for a title search - call a title company, or ask an attorney who uses a few title companies.

A title search should cost between $50 and $125 depending on many things. It should take only a day, two tops, if the company doing the search does a lot of work in the subject county. If they are not local, it could take a few days to turn around.

i myself is having trouble with title agencys, i am about to wholesale my first deal, i called around few title agencys , the first 10 agencys i called said double closings are illegal , then i found a title agency that said they would do it but they wanted to charge me $850 for a search and make me pay for insurance and everything else. i tried to explain to them that all i am doing is bringing in the seller and buyer. does anyone know how to explain it to them a little better???

Why not just call a local wholesaler and ask for a referral?