Tips For Finding Commercial Properties

Any tips for finding resorts,5 star hotels, casino’s,shopping malls, large apartment buildings before they are listed with commercial brokers? Majority of the properties that we are coming across just don’t make sense.

I just read Donald Trump’s second book and he writes at length exactly how he found his casinos, 5-star hotels, etc. Read the master-Trump- on this one.

Good luck.

this site might be of assistance for you :biggrin

What’s the name of his second book? Does it only pertain to casinos and resorts or could it be applicable to other commercial properties such as buildings?

Thanks in advance

The book’s title is “The Art of the Comeback” published October 27, 1997.

It depends on what type of deal you are looking for.
What type of cap rates and how much money you have to put down.

What do you consider a good deal for your portfolio?
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commercial real estate for sale.