Tips for classified listing of real estate website

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I want to do classified submission for the real estate website, can you please share some tips on what all things should be considered while writing a classified ad?

The classified must be short but still it covers all necessary information of product/place/services.

That’s a great question.

i believe that the better ads start with a headline that includes the major benefit of whatever you’re offering, in a way that catches the reader’s attention.

Probably Advertising 101, but…

You’ve got limited space for a headline, and so it necessarily needs to be clear and short.

“House For Sale - Kick Me, I’m Down”

This ad clearly states what you have to offer, catches the reader’s attention, and communicates motivation. Buyers like to see motivation in sellers. They’re trained to look for that. So give it to them.

Otherwise, “House For Sale,” is about as generic as it gets, and won’t attract much attention.

I found that bullet pointed field copy is easier to read, and forces me to sift down to the essentials, and get my message across.

Keep in mind that Craigslist readers expect ‘organic’ ads. Slick is a no-no. The worse and ‘homemade’ the better.

Many RE agents don’t understand this. They populate CL ads with slick pictures instead of good ad copy, and include bios and other PR crap.

Then they can’t figure out why their response rate is so low. And then conclude that CL is worthless.

On the other hand, the ones posting good text, and keeping it more organic, and/or even ugly, generate higher response rates.

This isn’t news, but it’s important to remember.

P.S. CL was designed for ‘the peoples’ to market things between themselves.

Just saying. That’s all I got.

An attractive title and necessary information like place,price etc

You should consider any particularly good features of your property. Remember that potential tenants are going to glance at the key features of your house description and then decide whether to read more. You need to include the size of the bedrooms, size of outside space, type of hearing. etc. Here is a a good guide how to make an attractive listing on property rental sites. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Classified submission is the best way to market real estate business., but it is important to keep some things in mind while writing a classified like
It must be short but contains brief introduction about your business
Accurate business address and contact number
Choose Accurate category


Keep it simple but make sure to show that you are credible and contact info.

Need more explanation:

Are you looking for real estate wanted or selling any property?

Talking about listing on real estate websites, I found that apartment maps are the best choice for listing your property on your online service. By the way, it’s not similar in all cases. Each site has its own unique design and features, that make it differ from the other ones. Few examples:
Here’s typical apartment map, but you can also notice that there are 2 buttons for pet-friendly properties (cat or dog), also you can see various amenities, especially what surprised me - wheelchair accessible.
Another one offers you to use such unusual but very creative and nice feature like Noise level, so you can be sure that you will live in quiet and calm. Also, Lifestyle feature that suggests you apartments and neighborhoods according to your life needs:
So, as you may notice it’s not enough today only to list your properties. To compete and earn you need to provide useful tools that will help tenants to find exactly what they want.

craigslist is good one

I found this helpful guide to writing classified ads, hope it helps:

Keep it simple and to the point. Good title is a must.

Great tips all!

A key thing when doing classified ads is to really consider who your audience is that will be reading the ads. Be sure that your content appeals to the potential problems that your reader will have. Make sure your ad is short, sweet and addresses your prospects potential problems.

80% is your image, if the pictures are not good, it does not matter what the ads has to say. I have been writing Real Estate ads for over 30 years. Online and in Classified. Grab attention! Does not have to be the picture of the house it can be a cartoon. You have to STOP the Flipping through catch their eye. Next Subject line… catchy… Cute… most of all Different than all the rest. You are wanting to make the phone ring…
or get a email or text set an appointment STOP SELLING. think about your target market and how they want to be talked to.
What problem can you solve for that reader? Put yourself in the Readers eyes, its not about you and your needs.