I have heard countless times in books, on here, in tapes and so forth that you shouldnt wait. Start buying now.

It seems to me that if everyone did that then we would have a whole slew of completely uneducated, unprepared investors wasting lost of people time and loosing lots of thier money. (Not that we don’t have that already, but you know what I mean).

Is this a way for you experienced investors to create more opprotunities for yourselves? Throw the Newbies to the wolves and pick up the peices? ;D

My question is where do you find the ballance. I just sent in my information for a pre approval letter and am getting some leads from an agent. I have read 2 books and listened to quite a few CD’s. I know I don’t have a full grasp on everything I need to know. More s[pecifically at the closing table.

Is there a check list or a test or anything that will help gauge how well you are prepared to take the plunge?

When we bought our investment properties, we did the opposite of what others were doing. People wanted out of their investments and were practically giving them away. Read about it in my blog below. The people we bought from we taking monthly losses AND equity losses! So again, we did the opposite.