Timeshare investing

Hello all I have a chance to buy about 50-100 campground timeshares and just was wondering if anyone else invests in these types of propertys?

I can pick them up for about $2500 each and sell them for a total of $104,000 each atleast that is the best case scenrio if they are sold in blocks of 2weeks like they are being sold now for.

So please let me hear if this type of investing is good or not and what are the pitfalls and the good things.

To me, timeshares are like a giant Ponzi scheme…it’s not investing, it’s speculating that you can find “the greater fool”…not my cup of tea but it might work for you.


Howdy EAHF:

How many folks do you know that live in a house or an apartment. Now how many do you know that own a campground timeshare. There is a lot of high pressure in selling these and as soon as folks buy them they wish they had not and dump them. Unless you really enjoy camping I would stay away.