Timeframe to analize a deal

as a birddog when i give out a referral to an investor how much time should that investor take before he notifies me if the deal is profitable or not.

Hopefully before one of the Other investors that you told about the property figure it out !

Should be able to tell you shortly after he looks at it and runs numbers.

do a preliminary analysis so that you know that you are not wasting his time.

if you consistently bring him deals… or legitimate leads then he will be attentive … otherwise if you are wasting his time then he wont get back with you soon … or just ignore you and waste your time

in addition, give him a time table…

“Would you be able to get back with me by ______? I am scheduled to speak to the seller of the property later today and want to make sure that I have an answer”


"would you be able to get back with me by _______? I have a few other investors but want to give you the first shot at the deal

hope this helps