Time Frame to Sucess

:biggrin How long after beginning wholesaling did it take you to get your VERY first profit? :biggrin

Time waits for no one and the only way for you to ever figure out how successful or a time frame for success will be for you to go out an do something. Everyone is going to tell you a different success story and their roads to success are not necessarily going to be yours. You can have success in a week or it can take years it all depends on you as the wholesaler. A quote that just came to mind is “The the road to success has no end, it’s just a matter of when you start to begin!” Get out there and do something!

Sad to say… It took me a whole year… Why because I sat around making excuses for myself, feeling sorry for myself, procrastinating, being lazy, and not willing to do whatever it takes. I kept looking for the easy way out and kept blaming others when I couldn’t find it.

Once I finally got serious about my REI biz, I did my first deal it was a big sigh of relief… The second deal was proof that I did my first. It was like reality… Then the third deal was enough to know that in order to keep helping people and putting $$ in my pocket, I’d have to keep doing what I’m doing and never look back. I’ve learned that in order to make it in this biz…or any biz for that matter, you need to have an unyielding desire to succeed.

BruJohnson made an excellend point

and just to add another qoute… Someone Once said, “Average is the best of the worst and the worst of the best.”

So strive to be above average and you will see the results… I promise you!

I have had students get their first deal done in 45 days. 2 weeks to build a buyers list, 2 weeks to find property and 15 days to closing. So to answer your question it can be done in under 45 days, I have seen it personally.