Time for Title to be issued after auction.

How long does it normally take in Harris county, TX for the certificate of title to be issued by the courts to the new owner at a foreclosure auction?

Call them and ask. :wink:

Howdy Henry:

It should only take a few days to a week perhaps. I have given deeds the same day and have gotten them the next day on some deals.

One mistake you made is the court does not issue the deed or foreclose on the deed of trust. A trustee will give you the deed and not a certificate of title also. It will be called a trustee’s deed.

A sheriff’s sale works a bit different if you are working tax sales other sheriff conducted sales.

Is there any suggestions you would give to a newbie in what kind of foreclosure sales they should pursue if in this case they have to wait for the deed for a such period of time. I have noticed that there are sheriff auction bids for a property they give all the information about the property, but what they require is to pay the taxes and owed town utilities/ei. water/sewer fees/.
And the other ones they ask you for the mortgage owed on the property plus the town owed fees/
How could you acquired the property if they don’t mention the amount owed in the mortgage. I am assuming that the house is all paid for. Is that correct?
Is tha t going to be one of those properties in which the owner might probably give me a hard time/ e.i. taking me to court and everything. Should I stay away from those properties…

Howy drtino1:

Auctions require cash. If you can get the cash even from a lender, thr time frame to get the title should not be a problem unless you are in a state where the owner has the right to redeem the property after the sale. In Texas for example the owner has redemption rights on tax sales up to 2 years for a homestead property. Hard to get convention financing on these or a title policy.

Never heard of having to pat water billsw etc on a foreclosure unless the company/city got a judgement against the property/owner. If so theses will have to be paid.

If there is a mortgage the house is not paid for. It is not up to the mortgage company to keep up with the other bills except property taxes they will usually pay if not paid by the owner thru escrow.