Time between homes

How much time do you guys allow before you invest in a second home.

Lets saying I buy a home in November, how long is the average before you reinvest and get a second single family rental?

My goal is to get to 50-70k within a year, so set the pace for me.

Update: My plan so far consists of this
-Located 30-35 homes that the area either seems distressed or that there is an indication of the seller being motivated
-Start making calls to get description of home/price
-Compare stats to other homes of similar size/features in the neighborhood
-Trim to 5-7
-Visit homes
-Get approved for loans
-Finance(my credit scores are high 790’s and low 800’s) - What’s the best way to get financing you think?
-Make offer on 3
-Month or two later Reinvest and get second home, or should I try to acquire homes faster?


I do single family also. I wait until the present new house has been made ready and rented. I then wait until teh tenant pays the second rent before I start looking the next one. That way I never have two house notes without rent to cover them.