tile entire kitchen first then put appliances?

after speaking with a handyman at home depot expo, my father decided he’d like to tile the entire kitchen floor before we put in the appliances, cabinets etc.

the logic behind this is that if we ever have to replace or take out the dishwasher for example, we don’t have to rip up the floor to get it out.

anyone have any feedback on this or foresee any problems. as i understand it (and the way it is done at my parents house) is the tile was layed down up to the cabinets, diswasher, oven…


If I have everything out, I tile then put the cabinets, appliances, etc. in…

If I am leaving the cabinets in, I take out the moveables (DW, stove, fridge, etc. and tile up to the cabinets/walls, etc. Depending on the rest of the room, I will put in a kick board, a baseboard, or a quarter-round shoe to dress it up a bit…


I agree with Keith, It depends on your conditions. Like he said remove the stove, dishwasher, etc., You may have to raise the counter a bit to reinstall the dishwasher, but it is a lot easier than taking out all of the cabinets and then reinstalling them. But if you have a clean slate to start with, tile the whole kitchen


I put cabinets in and then tile; I like to tile under dishwasher and stove, but especially with the dishwasher you have to check the cleanance with the counter top.

I do not tile under cabinets as it is more likely for people to change the floor than the cabinets; also if they do ripped out the cabinets, then they are probably going blow out everything and start from scratch.

You can probably go either way and be OK.

Wow, good idea Keith. I would have never thought of that.

OK, this is from a professional remodeler. I can tell you from experience that it is easier to tile to your walls than it is to your cabinets. Your cuts don’t have to be as accurate, and your job will look more professional. Chances are, you won’t save that much money by just tiling up to the cabinets anyway. Also, as to the last reply, if you are tiling on a slab, and later on the tiles have to be busted up, good luck. If you are tiling on subfloor where you have to lay down durock or cement board, then absolutely you are better off going under the cabinets. Standard height from floor to top of countertops is 35". If you set your cabinets, then lay your durock down and then tile on top of this, you are losing up to 3/4" distance to your cabinets. If you try to set your stove or dishwasher after this, you are going to have problems. Could be a problem with the fridge too if space is tight from floor up to bottom of ‘ove the fridge cabinet’.

thanks for the replies guys…we put the tiles down first.

unfortunately due to time contraints and crazy schedules from contractors…i have to paint the kitchen AFTER all the new tile and cabinets are isntalled…what a pain that will be…trying nto to get a drop on anyting…putting up tape etc…oh the “joy”