Thread Search function?

Hello, everyone! I’ve just recently found this site, and I’m loving it! :o
I’ve already become quite familiar with the “rehab” part—simply because I can’t seem to keep my hands out of building! Now, I am grateful to have the chance to learn the “administrative” (read: Money-making) part of the business!
I’d like to know if there is a thread search function here. I’ve been doing it the hard way, and feel that there’s got to be a more efficient way to cover the topics than to read each individual post!
Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanx! HandyMaam

Ma’am I really wish there were a search function, but there doesn’t appear to be… And I’ve crawled almost all of the remotest reaches of this site searching for one :D. Maybe we can talk them into creating one?

I don’t know about talking them into it, but thanks for answering! I thought I was having a “Senior Moment” when I couldn’t seem to find it! Now, I don’t feel so bad…
Looks like it’s back to the ol’ drawing board… It’s worth it, though, because I’ve learned more in the last couple of days than I had in over 10 years of on-site building!
Thanks for replying! Handy M.

More than happy to do give an answer. I will say all the new start out questions are asked about 3 maybe 5 times a day, so going more than two pages back is about pointless. Sometimes you find new good info a 3 pages or more back, but the basics are covered each and every day and tend to include in the title “Just getting started” or “Newbie” or something to that effect.


Look up under the banner ad and directly under your username. I asked the same question when I first came here and couldn’t find it!


Thanks DS… As usual plain as the noses on our faces. laughs

My goodness! I feel as bright as mud! :-[
Thanks for this! Handy M.

I though I was mistaken as most forums do have search functionality, but apparently this one doesn’t. There is a trick however that works quite well. Since this forum is very active, the search engines adore it (especially google). If you are looking for something specific, try this.

Go to google and enter this into the search box. search string

So a search for lets say “vinyl floors” would look exactly like this without the quotes:

“ vinyl floors”

The results you get will not be todays results, but they will be very recent. I would imagine google checks this forum a couple of times a day and indexes it accordingly. If you need help searching, just click on the “Advanced Search” located just to the right of the search button on Google.

I hope this works and happy investing.

Great…now I feel dumb as mud. I guess I should be reading the search results. DOH!! ;D

Hey, KC! Join the club!! :wink:
Don’t feel bad…a few of us just whistled and walked away quietly!

You ain’t lyin’, sister!