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Really useful stuff here Sarah!

Thanks for sharing. I have managed my properties for over ten years now and have learned a few of these things the hard way!

Another important thing that I see novice landlords doing every single day is not knowing that the laws for their state are different from every other state and most of the time they will grab a generic lease agreement off of the internet or from Staples and put themselves in great jeopardy without knowing it - usually until it is too late.

Landlords, cover your behinds! :smile

Well, I guess it’s a good thing then that you have the link to exactly what you are talking about…

Not in Raleigh, NC.

Read this, a copy and paste straight from their website

Q: What happens if there are more violations at the same address during the permit period?
A: The two-year permit will be extended for an additional two years from the date of any violation. The first violation results in an immediate $50 fine plus $50 per day until it is resolved, plus a warning that the second violation may result in suspension of the property owner’s right to rent that unit. A second violation at the same address during the permit period results in a $250 immediate fine plus $250 per day until the problem is resolved, plus the permit at that address is then revoked for two years, meaning that the property owner cannot rent that unit for two years. A third violation again results in a $250 fine plus $250 per day until the problem is resolved, plus, permits for ALL of the units owned by that property owner that are subject to a PROP throughout the city are revoked for two years.