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Hi. Has anyone been able to compare with any other websites? they charge a $50/mo. fee. They give you info on REO’s, Foreclosures and FSBO’s. Is it worth the fee?

for the value RT is fine… their problem is limiting you to 300 exports a month and that they group near by zips within your search which is a pain…If youre in California there are a few other sites that may be a better match however they are a lot more expensive…

County Records Research and Retrans are a couple. The key is that if you dont use the info then it is all too expensive… I would ask my title company for the list first…

Also NODs/LisPens are just one of the six groups you should nbe marketing to to find great deals and one of the groups is fairly easy…

Good Luck


PS Youll need a software system to import the data into so you can direct mail to them and keep track of your progress.


I have been a member of RealtyTrac for one month now. I have found quite a bit of the lead information to be dated and incorrect.

Maybe it is a quirk in the data collection for my local area, but, so far I have not found RT to be reliable and have not tried to market to the pre-foreclosures. Also, it appears that all the pre-foreclosure properties are MLS listed, so there may be an agent mucking up a possible deal. Hope I have it wrong, and my concerns will prove unfounded as I gain more exposure to RT.


What software do we need? I have MicroSoft Office, will that do?

Thanx. I tried the 7 day trial but was unable to properly put it to the test. I guess $50/mo. isn’t too bad if you can see if it works in a timely fashion.

Did you cancel your subscription? If not, then you automatically become a paid subscriber.