Thomas Kish's cash flow system for biz credit

Since this seems to be the hot topic these days. I thought I would share my experience with his company’s customer service. I puchased his program and my partner and I decided it was not what we were looking for at this time. Mdse was returned, contents unopened and return policy followed as instructed. :bs. They have chosen to refuse refund, my guess is that the sales person does not want to give up her commission. Not once have I received a return phone call from the contact person I was given to try and rectify this to a satisfactory outcome. :banghead. Thomas’s BBB company rating is an “F”! Just go to and enter We all spend alot of money for continuing education that we do not need companies that do not stand behind their policies. :flush. If I can help someone else avoid this problem, I have done my duty of spreading the word. Be sure you want it…or you will not get your refund!