Thomas Kish/Pre Construction REI

Hello All,

I am a newbie and I have been reading alot of articles in regards to real estate investing. I have read a lot of articles on Thomas Kish and his "Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide "( 4 steps to obtaining Business Credit Line). Have anyone ever used his program, did it work and what is your opinion?

Also, pros and cons for pre construction real estate investing. Some of the pros I have heard, little funds to get started, good place for a newbie o start, etc. The cons I have heard and read about, researching the trend, knowing the market and if you don’t know the market, make sure you get someone that does…

I like to get a discussion going on in regards to Thomas Kish and PreConstruction Investing. The good and the bad. Thanks again for your time…If this topic alread been done, please direct me where. :smiley: