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I’ve been surfing the internet and found Thomas Kish’s website by accident. What do you know about him? He claims that he has a trademark secret. He said his course can help others qualifiy up to 250K business line of credit and use the money for real estate investments as they see fit.

My question… Is it smart to have a business line of credit for the purposes of real estate investing? To me, the idea of getting into debt for the purposes of investing doesn’t sit well with me. However, I do see the value of having ready cash in order to complete deals, or complete a rehab project, etc.

Your thoughts?

dont do it, its a scam

Here is the complete version of the course:

Set up entity.

Have five figures cash or find partner who does.

Deposit in bank.

Wait three months.

Have 700+ Fico or partner who does.

Apply for biz LOC/CC

Use cash to buy and flip properties.

Rinse and repeat.

Seriously, there is tons more information on CB for free than this guy charges for.

I have not bought it, but he has been sending me emails about business credit 200K without pg. but I seen one of his post in another forum because he used part of the business name in the post, and he was saying that he has been working on business credit for about 6 months but in his emails he says that he has been in business for about 2 years.

Please point us to the “free information” I have been using this course. A lot of information was “new” to me and has helped my partner and I do “deals” that we would not be able to accomplish without this knowledge. If this information is “free"somewher” I would gladly point people to it. Thanks

I automatically put up a red flag when I see a phrase like “trade secrets”. I would not waste my money.

No offense but what the heck do you do with credit /card/line/however you want to classify it if you dont reinvest it…The purpose of CREDIT is to reinvest it to make more cash so you can use the credit or OPM (other peoples money) to make yourself rich.You need to REeducate yourself on the principal of using credit the RIGHT way.

I think your confusion comes from the common fact that credit cards are commonly considered personal debt and we worry about them on regular basis. When it comes to RE investing, you need to readjust your thinking regarding them. Credit Cards and line of credit are no difference than the mortgage loan except they have higher interest rate.
The idea is not to buy on credit or line of credit and just pay it off. The idea is to do quick closing to win the deal, and/or fix it and then refinance to get your money out and move on to the next deal.

Many thanks, Fadiz. I’ve been taught since childhood not to get into debt. You’re right. I will need to change my mindset when it comes buying credit in order to invest.

How hard is it to get a business line of credit for a newly created llc? Anyone who has a business line of credit how long were you in business before you got a line of credit? What steps did you take to get a line of credit?

Real Estate debt is good debt.

<<Real Estate debt is good debt.>>

No, Real Estate is GREAT debt!

Woo Hoo!!!


There’s only two times a banker will call you sir, either when you have $1,000,000 on deposit with him, or you owe $1,000,000 to him. In this biz, a million in debt is a million in NET!!!
Good investing to you all!

unless u r fortune 500, u will have to personally gaurantee any LOC, and for that u will need to have EXCELLENT credit. Not good, not great, but EXCELLENT. usually 720 min FICO and no BK’s, CO’s or lates.

just becuz u have an LLC or corp, does not mean u can get credit easier. it takes time to build it. the major cc’s and loc’s come a lot harder. go to and read up on building biz credit. u’ll be happy u did it.

Actually, getting biz credit off the ground and running isn’t that hard to do at all. In fact, Dunn & Bradstreet are currently offering a new deal where for $250 (I think), they’ll create an ‘instant’ D&B score for you. Won’t be excellent, but a middle of the road score, which is more than enough to get $10-50K or so in credit card/LOCs.
From there, it’s simply a matter of increasing the score.

If you’re trying to establish biz credit, it’s worth reading up because it doesn’t work quite the same as personal credit.

Hardly a Fortune 500 company, but I’m working on it!



DandB are the biggest scammers in the corp credit industry. read up on it on …there are numerous threads on it there. i am telling u that u HAVE to PG any LOC and most biz CC for ur biz, and they will do a per credit check. some don’t even check ur biz credit. all some care about is ur per credit.

i built biz credit for both my co’s, and it is easy, yes. but all the major cc’s and loc’s i have my partner and i had to per gaur. there is no way around it. there are 2 cc’s, the Home Depot Mastercard and Sam’s Club Discover, that do not require a PG, but ur biz credit has to have at least a 79 DandB paydex and biz Experian at 96.

trust me, do not let DnB talk u into that or any program. u can build it urself for free. and it’s not instant with them either. u still have to build it. and anyone u give them for reference has to have an account with them. i am telling it is a HUGE scam! that is the beginning, they will upsell upsell upsell till u r at $499.


I’m not approving, or disapproving, of DandB’s practices. Just simply giving another option.

I’m guessing that a personal guarantee or not might have something to do with the business setup. Yes, at the beginning you will probably have to PG most lines of credit for the business, especially if you’re asking for a high amount.

However, you hardly have to be a Fortune 500 company to get to the point where you don’t have to do so anymore. The company’s assets should hold weight with any lender, that is, if you’re company has assets.



unfortunately it does not work like that. it has nothing to do with the biz setup either. it has to do with what the bank can hang thier hat on if u’r biz defaults on the loans. i have known biz owners, myself included where even after 15 yrs of biz, audited financials, stellar assets and validated proof of funds on deposit, the lenders still require a PG of one or all owners, partners or members of the corp.

even with real estate purchases. u can get a loan in the biz name, but u still have to PG it.

in reality u r correct, and i do not disagree in theory that an aged corp with all the info i listed above should NOT have to have an owner PG the loan/LOC but they (we) do. the only time this may be waived is if the lender is a small town bank, or credit union and the biz owners insist on the waiver of the PG after so many years of continued biz. but it’s no garuantee and i doubt it will happen.

Ummm… Very interesting… Pardon my “newness” but what does PG mean?