This REI student needs help from upperclassmen


I’m new to the real estate investing business and I’ve been studying for a couple of months now. Since I am new to the business, I figured the best way for me to get my foot in the door would be to start off wholesaling.

I haven’t actually done a deal yet but would like to do a deal soon. I understand all of the concepts and I’ve also figured out how I will handle my marketing. The only thing I haven’t figured out fully is the paperwork side of things.

I live in Northern California and was wondering if there were any other investors here that wouldn’t mind supporting me in this early stage of my investment career. It would be helpful if I could get copies of the forms I should be using to wholesale in the SF Bay Area and a little advice on which ones to use when.

Any support, help, advice, and/or input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Check out and get them free. I don’t use them but thought it may be a start for you. :biggrin

Just a quick word of advice, always have your local real estate attorney review your docs (especially if you download them from the internet) before using them to ensure they are state specific to your state and airtight. You might want to skip finding one and have him/her draft them for you, it should only cost you a few hundred bucks tops.