This may be a long shot


I purchased some land in the gulf area of texas. I need to build a house now. (personal residence) the problem lies in the credit, wife and I both have very poor credit. Is there any lenders that will do a construction loan with 500 fico (this is an estimate) the house I want to build would be roughly 100-150k. any suggestions would be great.


Go to or and type in your loan info. it will tell you what banks if any will lend on that.

I think you should wait about 4-6months and pay a couple hundred bucks and go thru a credit repair program first or do it yourself. getting your score over 620 will open the doors alot for both of you and the interest rates will be signaficately lower and give you more options.

Also look for companies that let you act as the GC on the projects. They have model homes to choose from help you find everyone needed…

Also, do you own your land outright…This would be a big plus for you, as it can be used as collateral on the loan… Check out IndyMac, National City, Suntrust and Bank of America for construction loans.

Also if you have any local credit unions, ask them if they have programs.Alot of Credit unions these days dont require you to work for a certain company, they let anyone join with a savings account.