This Is Insane. It happened again. Almost like Free Money.

I been doing this a few years now, it has been a struggle mostly and I still get shocked how some times deals just fall in my lap.
This is the second time my competitor called me and said he had a house on contract that he couldn’t sell.
I added 5K to the price and sent it to my buyer. I was astounded when he says he will take it. I thought it was over priced and it was a junky house in a bad area.
Of course it’s only $2,500 each, but hell, all I did to earn it was to send a frikin email. What kind of insanity is this? I just got the frikin check in the mail an hour ago…
Also with the $8,000 I made from my yard sign and the few hundred I made on my Rental house that’s $10,800 dollars this month. I’m still hoping to reach my 100K goal this year. I used to make 3K a month doing construction, and it was a lot less than that after expenses.
I got 4 other deals in escrow that may close this month. Got some hot leads I’m working on now with distressed sellers.
Unfortunately, I had a few deals go south, I got a bit depressed, felt sorry for myself for a few days, but crawled out of my hole and got up fighting. I know that to keep on it is the key to success. No matter how many times I fall.
I’m reading a bunch of self improvement books, even got a few on self hypnosis I’m reading, reviewing and practicing.
I got a plan. I got goals.
Let’s make some MONEY …


Quote by Duke Nuken. "Time to kick ass and chew gum, and I’m all outta gum.

Randoskie, I love it when you post these crazy deals that “fall into your lap.” Man, the longer you stick with this the more contacts you make and the bigger and badder your reputation. That is what makes the deals drop.

Keep on posting your crazy money making freaky weird ones. It is an inspiration to us all.